Chemistry - General Science quiz 2

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Chemistry - General Science Online Quiz 2

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Assertion (A) Meiousis takes place in pollen mother cells.Reason (R) Each pollen mother cell produces four haploid pollen grains.

Assertion (A) Chloroplast is a called organelle.Reason (R) An organelle is a distinct part of a cell, which has a particular structure and function.

Assertion (A) NO2 group is a chromophore.Reason (R) It imparts colour to the compound.

Assertion (A) Synthetic detergents can letter well in hard water.Reason (R) Synthetic detergents form soluble calcium and magnesium salts with hard water.

Assertion (A) For a galvanic cell, oxidation takes place at andoe and reduction at cathode.Reason (R) Electrons in the external circuit move form anode to cathode.

Assertion (A) Phosgene is a poisonous compound forms form chloroform in the presence of UV-rays and O2.Reason (R) It is used for the sunthesis of precursor for the poly urethane polymer.

Assertion (A) In mitosis, two identical cells are produced form a single cell and karyokinesis is followed by cytokinesis.Reason (R) Cytokinesis is of two types.

Assertion (A) To dilute sulfuric acid, acid is added to water and not water to acid.Reason (R) Specific heat of water is quite large.

Assertion (A) Carbon can form more compounds than any other element.Reason (R) Carbon can exist in various allotropes.

Assertion (A) BHC is also called gammexance or 666.Reason (R) BHC is prepared by the reaction of benzene with CI2 in the presence of light.

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