Cause and Effect - Reasoning quiz 2

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Cause and Effect - Reasoning Online Quiz 2

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  1. The government has recently fixed the fees for professional courses offered by the unaided institutions which are much lower than the fees charged last year.
  2. The parents of the aspiring students launched a severe agitation last year protesting against the high fees charged by the unaided institutions.


I. It is the aim of the city's civic authority to get the air pollution reduced by 20% in the next two months.

II. The number of asthma cases in the city is constantly increasing.


I. Police resorted to lathi-charge to disperse the unlawful gathering of large number of people.

II. The citizens' forum called a general strike in protest against the police atrocities.


I. The farmers have decided against selling their kharif crops to the Government agencies.

II. The Government has reduced the procurement price of kharif crops starting from last month to the next six months.


  1. There is sharp decline in the production of oil seeds this year.
  2. The Government has decided to increase the import quantum of edible oil.


I. There is considerable reduction in the number of people affected by water-borne diseases in City A during this rainy season.

II. The government has opened four new civil hospitals in City A in the beginning of the year.


I. The employees of the biggest bank in the country have given an indefinite strike call starting from third of the next month.

II. The employees of the Central Government have withdrawn their week long demonstrations.


I. Large number of people living in the low-lying areas has been evacuated during the last few days to safer places.

II. The Government has rushed in relief supplies to the people living in the affected areas.


I. The university authority has instructed all the colleges under its jurisdiction to ban use of all phones inside the college premises.

II. Majority of the teachers of the colleges signed a joint petition to the university complaining the disturbances caused by cell phone ring-tones inside the classrooms.


I. The government has decided to make all the information related to primary education available to the general public.

II. In the past, the general public did not have access to all these information related to primary education.

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