Biology - General Science quiz 3

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Biology - General Science Online Quiz 3

Biology - General Science quiz 3 is a free online quiz challenge under Biology - General Science category. There are 434 free online quiz challenges available in General Science category

Assertion (A) Earthworm is a hermaphrodite annelid.Reason (R) Cross-fertilization is not  observed in the earthworm.

Assertion (A) Cutaneous anthrax is the most dangerous.Reason (R) Dacillus anthracite attacks human skin causing a fetal septicemia.

Assertion (A) Whale is a mammal.Reason (R) Whale has abundant hairs on the body and is a viviparous animal.

Assertion (A) Digested material is absorbed in the intestine through the process of diffusion.Reason (R) Diffusion is a very fast process of absorption.

Assertion (A) India is one of the leading fishing countries in the world.Reason (R) India has long coastline and large fish eating population.

Assertion (A) All the proteins in our food are digested in small intestine only.Reason (R) The protein digesting enzyme form pancreas are released into small intestine.

Assertion (A) Rearing of lac insect if called as lac culture.Reason (R) lac is cultivated by putting brood lac in specific host plants.

Assertion (A) In filariasis, the lower legs and scrotum are swelled unproportionate level.Reason (R) The filarial worm blocks the lymph vessels and lymph node.

Assertion (A) Sex chromatin body is an inactivation of one X-chromosome in diploid females.Reason (R) Sex chromatin is simply called Barr body.

Assertion (A) Protozoans have no physiological division of labour.Reason (R) They have well developed tissue and organ system.

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