Biology - General Science quiz 5

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Biology - General Science Online Quiz 5

Biology - General Science quiz 5 is a free online quiz challenge under Biology - General Science category. There are 434 free online quiz challenges available in General Science category

Assertion (A) Mendel worked on garden pea (Pisum sativum).Reason (R) Garden pea belongs to family-Malvaceae.

Assertion (A) Each conservator is composed of macromolecules.Reason (R) It was the first living cell.

Assertion (A) In filariasis, the lower legs and scrotum are swelled unproportionate level.Reason (R) The filarial worm blocks the lymph vessels and lymph node.

Assertion (A)  Atavism is the reappearance of is reappeared ancestral characters.Reason (R) Third molars and hair on body are examples of atavism.

Assertion (A) Pearl is produced form bivalves or gastropods under controlled conditions.Reason (R) Pearl is made up of magnesium carbonate.

Assertion (A) In human body, liver has an important role in fat digestion.Reason (R) Liver produces two important fat digesting enzymes.

Assertion (A) Haemophilia never occurs to women.Reason (R) Gene for haemophilia are found in X-chromosomes.

Assertion (A) The mode of nutrition in Amoeba is holozoic.Reason (R) Amoeba can eat any alga by engulfing it fully.

Assertion (A) In Amoeba, the inter change of gases takes place through general body surface.Reason (R) The excess water to Amoeba is controlled by contractile vacuole.

Assertion (A) Sex chromatin body is an inactivation of one X-chromosome in diploid females.Reason (R) Sex chromatin is simply called Barr body.

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