Biology - General Science quiz 1

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Biology - General Science Online Quiz 1

Biology - General Science quiz 1 is a free online quiz challenge under Biology - General Science category. There are 434 free online quiz challenges available in General Science category

Assertion (A) In angiosperms, the conduction of water is more efficient because their xylem has vessels.Reason (R) Conduction of water by vessel elements is an active process in which energy is supplied by xylem parenchyma rich in mitochondria.

Assertion (A) Bangladesh imports jute form India.Reason (R) India has most of the jute mills,

Assertion (A) Digested material is absorbed in the intestine through the process of diffusion.Reason (R) Diffusion is a very fast process of absorption.

Assertion (A) Mendel worked on garden pea (Pisum sativum).Reason (R) Garden pea belongs to family-Malvaceae.

Assertion (A) In genetic engineering, restriction enzymes produce desired DNA fragments.Reason (R) Plasmid is used as an important vector for gene cloning.

Assertion (A) Earthworm is a hermaphrodite annelid.Reason (R) Cross-fertilization is not  observed in the earthworm.

Assertion (A) Chicken is a breed of sheep.Reason (R) This breed is used for breeding and meat production in India.

Assertion (A) Transgenic organisms are genetically altered organisms.Reason (R) Transgenic organisms do not cause any environmental hazards.

Assertion (A) Haemophilia never occurs to women.Reason (R) Gene for haemophilia are found in X-chromosomes.

Assertion (A) Yeast such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae is used in baking industry.Reason (R) The Co2 formed during fermentation caused bread dough to rise by thermal expansion.

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