Biography - General Knowledge quiz 1

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Biography - General Knowledge Online Quiz 1

Biography - General Knowledge quiz 1 is a free online quiz challenge under Biography - General Knowledge category. There are 386 free online quiz challenges available in General Knowledge category

Afonso de Albuqerque is considered to be the founder of the imperial system of which of the following empires in India?

Who established the Mughal Dynasty?

Sonia, a Biography' was written by

Which among the following pairs of kings and their works in NOT matched correctly?

At which place was Akbar born?

The biography of Chalukya King VikramdevaVI " Vikramdeva Charita" was compiled by whom ?

Who among the following praised as people's princess?

Chanakya was known as

Lord Buddha was born in

The Mughal Empire reached its Zenith of expansion under

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