Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology quiz 11

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Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology Online Quiz 11

Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology quiz 11 is a free online quiz challenge under Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology category. There are 59 free online quiz challenges available in Environment and Ecology category

Which one of the following strongly threatens biodiversity?

In India, we find mangoes with different flavours, colours, fibre-content, sugar content and even shelf-life.The large variation is on account of

Which one of the following National Parks has a climate that varies from tropical to sub-tropical temperate and arctic?

Which of the following animals is declared as the national heritage animal?

India is party to1. United Nation Framework convention of climate change (UNFCCC)2. Convention of biological Diversity3. Convention on Conservation of migratory Species of Wild Animals 4. Convention on World HeritageSelect the correct answer from the codes given bloew

Consider the following regions 1. Eastern Himalayas2. Eastern Mediterranean region3. North-Western Australia Which of the above is/are biodiversity hotspot(s)?

Which one of the following pairs of geographical areas show maximum biodiversity in our country?

Which of the following heads the National Biofuel Coordination Committee?

New tiger reserves (2016) declared by government are1. Amrabad2. Pilibhit3. Rajaji4. OrangSelect the correct answer using the codes given below:

The World Biodiversity Day is celebrated annually on

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