Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology quiz 1

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Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology Online Quiz 1

Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology quiz 1 is a free online quiz challenge under Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology category. There are 59 free online quiz challenges available in Environment and Ecology category

Consider the following statements1. The olive ridley seas turtles are the more abundantly seen but they are considered endangered because of their few remaining nesting sites in the world.2. The Rushikulya river mouth in Odisha is one of the largest nesting sites of Olive Ridley Turtles where the nesting begins every year in the last week of February.Which of the statements given above is/are true?

Problems of Project Tiger that have been brought up are1. Understaff2. Underfunded3. Encoroachment4. GrazingSelect the correct answer using the codes given below

'Agenda 21' of Rio Summit, 1992 is related to

Consider the following statements1.The State of Forests Report (SFR) is brought out by Forest Research Institute, Dehradun,2. The forest cover assessment of India is published in this annual report.Which of the statements given above is/are correct in this regard?

Which of the following heads the National Biofuel Coordination Committee?

'Shola Forest' are

Three of the following criteria have contributed to the recognition of Western Ghasts, Sir-Lanka and Indo-Burma regions as hotspots of bio-diversity1. Species richness2. Vegetation density3. Endemism4. Ethno-botanical importance5. Threat perception6. Adaptation of flora and fauna to warm arid humid conditionsWhich three of the above are correct criteria in this conetext?

The World Biodiversity Day is celebrated annually on

Which among the following terms of utmost significance in the dynamics of resource management was coined in the 'Brundtland Commission Report'?

Most of the trade among endangered species include the faunal species because of their vaired use in the medicine and unani. Which of the following bird species is world's most traded wild bird?

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Biodiversity  - Environment and Ecology quiz 1