Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology quiz 2

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Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology Online Quiz 2

Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology quiz 2 is a free online quiz challenge under Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology category. There are 59 free online quiz challenges available in Environment and Ecology category

The Siberian Crane, an endangered migratory bird, is a regular visitor of which of the following national park/bird sanctuaries?

Which one of the following pairs of geographical areas show maximum biodiversity in our country?

Consider the following 1. Star tortoise2. Monitor monkey3. Pygmy hog4. Spider monkeyWhich of the above are naturally found in india?

Consider the following statements1. National Tiger Conservation Authority is a statutory authority with legal backing to ensure tiger conservation.2. Project Tiger had no statutory status.Which among the above statements is/are correct?

Consider the following statements1. India home to 33% of the life forms found in the world.2. India is one of the 17 mega diverse countries of the world.3. There are 12 bio-geographic zones of India.4. Western Ghats are one of the hot spots of bio-diversity in India.Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Consider the following Tiger reserves of India1. Udanti Sitanadi-Rajasthan2. Dandeli Anashi-chhattisgarh3. Sarisaka-Odisha4. Satkosia-KaranatakaWhich of the above Tiger Reserves are correctly paired with their respective locations?

Vultures, which used to be very common in India countryside some years ago, are rarely seen now-a-days. This is attributed to

Which one of the following Union Ministers implements the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety?

The National River conservation Directorate functions under which Union Ministry?

On this day in 1972, the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment was held in Sweden, Since then the World Environment Day is celebrated on this day. State the data

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