Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology quiz 12

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Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology Online Quiz 12

Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology quiz 12 is a free online quiz challenge under Biodiversity - Environment and Ecology category. There are 59 free online quiz challenges available in Environment and Ecology category

Consider the following statements1. Now-a-days travel companies are running 'Human Safari Tours' to enable tourists to glimpse members of a rare and endangered tribe 'Jarawa' in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.2. Human Safari Tours are promoted by the government.Which among the above statements is/are correct?

Consider the following statements1. God's Own Country is the tourism theme of Kerala.2. India Begins Here is the tourism theme of Punjab.Which of the above statements is/are true?

Consider the following statements1. National Tiger Conservation Authority is a statutory authority with legal backing to ensure tiger conservation.2. Project Tiger had no statutory status.Which among the above statements is/are correct?

Below are the environmental benefits of organic farming1. It aims to produce food while establishing an ecological balance to prevent soil fertility or pest problems.2. It permits the use of GMOs.3. It produces more biodiversity than other farming systems.4. It improves the water retention capacity of the soil.Which of the statements given above is/are true?

Which among the following awards has been recently instituted by the Government of Indian for individuals or communities from rural areas that have shown extraordinary courage and dedication in protecting wildlife?

Man and Biosphere Programme is affiliated with

With reference to 'Eco-Sensitive Zones'. which of the following statements is/are correct?1. Eco-Sensitive Zones are the areas that are declared under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.2. The purpose of the Declaration of Eco-Sensitive Zones is to prohibit all kinds of human activities in those zones except agriculture.Select the correct answer using the codes given below.

Which of the following is considered a hotspot of biodiversity in India?

Beginning in the 1960s, though high yielding varieties of food grains revolutionised Indian agriculture, it came with a price, What are the environmental costs associated with this phenomenal growth in food production?

Consider the following about Coastal Regulation Zone Notification, 20111. It expanded the CRZ to include territorial waters as a protected zone.2. The MOEF has issued a separate notification titled Island Protection Zone 2011  in realtion to areas Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep.3.projects of Department of Atomic Energy is an exception to the list of prohibited activities.4. The no-development zone is 200 metres form the HTL.Which of the statements given above is/are true?

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