Basic Computer Knowledge - Computers quiz 79

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Basic Computer Knowledge - Computers Online Quiz 79

Basic Computer Knowledge - Computers quiz 79 is a free online quiz challenge under Basic Computer Knowledge - Computers category. There are 589 free online quiz challenges available in Computers category

A..........pre-designed document that already had coordinating fonts, a layout,and a background.

Which command on the Ribbon enables the document to be viewed as it would appear on a webpage?

Personal computers can be connected together to form a

The _____ enables you to simultaneously keep multiple Web pages open in one browser window.

What term is used to describe using the mouse to move an item on the screen to a new location?

An application program has which one of the following functions?

What is a system unit?

Word length of a Personal Computer is ___

To make the number pad act as directional arrows, you press the.........key.

...... is a procedure that requires users to enter an identification code and a matching password.

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