Analogy - Reasoning quiz 4

By CareerCadets

Analogy - Reasoning Online Quiz 4

Analogy - Reasoning quiz 4 is a free online quiz challenge under Analogy - Reasoning category. There are 277 free online quiz challenges available in Reasoning category

Smile : Laugh

'Meat' is related to 'Vegetarian' in the same way as 'Liquor' is related to:

'Medicine' is to 'Pills' as Knowledge' is to:

Needle : Stich

'Ring' is to 'Engagement' as 'Handshake' is to:

'Tea' is to 'Cup' as 'Tobacco' is to:

Touch : Hold

Chimney : Smoke

Growth : Death

'College' is to 'Student' as 'Jail' is to:

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