Advanced Computer Knowledge - Computers quiz 34

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Advanced Computer Knowledge - Computers Online Quiz 34

Advanced Computer Knowledge - Computers quiz 34 is a free online quiz challenge under Advanced Computer Knowledge - Computers category. There are 589 free online quiz challenges available in Computers category

Saving files in HTML format________

What is the ultimate purpose of Defragmentation ?

The problem caused by independent multivalued dependencies is eliminated in which of the normal form?

CRAY 1 is which type of computer?

__________ is a system for archiving data such as business records and reports to one or more optical disks in a compressed but easily retrievable format.

When your computer stops working suddenly, it is referred at as a __________.

The ______ format reduces an audio file to about one-tenth of its original size while preserving much of the original quality of the sound.

Developing sets of instructions for the computer to follow and to do the task the same way as many times as needed is called________

___________ is a combination of software permanently stored in the memory.

What is the significance of a faded (dimmed) command in a pull-down menu_______

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