Abbreviations - General Knowledge quiz 9

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Abbreviations - General Knowledge Online Quiz 9

Abbreviations - General Knowledge quiz 9 is a free online quiz challenge under Abbreviations - General Knowledge category. There are 386 free online quiz challenges available in General Knowledge category

The expansion for the BIS, in the context  of the banking industry is

Full form of WWW

AER stands for:

GARC is the acronym for -

ISRO is the abbreviation for

PIN stands for:

What does the letter C stand for in FICCI?

Consider the following.1. NEFA : North-East Frontier Agency2. NEPA : National Environment Protection Authority3. NFDC : National Film Development CorporationWhich of the above is rightly abbreviated?

Consider the following and find the rightly abbreviated?1. AGOC : Asian Games Organisation Committee2. AICC : All India Committee3. AICTE : All India Council of Technical Education4. AIDS : Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

FCNRA stand for

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