Abbreviations - General Knowledge quiz 14

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Abbreviations - General Knowledge Online Quiz 14

Abbreviations - General Knowledge quiz 14 is a free online quiz challenge under Abbreviations - General Knowledge category. There are 386 free online quiz challenges available in General Knowledge category

Under Financial Inclusion Plan, banks have been asked cards come with EMV chip,What is the full form of EMV?

FRS stands for

You might have heard about PMI data. What is PMI?

CBS stands for:

To enforce law and order Government of India has many agencies. SFIO is one of them. Expand it.

GARC is the acronym for -

FATCA stands for

Which of the following is not correctly abbreviated?1. APECF : Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation2. EGoM : Empowered Group of Ministers3. NEERI : National Environment Engineering Research Insitute4. SRS: Sample Registration System

MISA stands for

NCHER stands forĀ 

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