Abbreviations - General Knowledge quiz 10

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Abbreviations - General Knowledge Online Quiz 10

Abbreviations - General Knowledge quiz 10 is a free online quiz challenge under Abbreviations - General Knowledge category. There are 386 free online quiz challenges available in General Knowledge category

Foreign currencies are represented in various abbreviations. What is meant by USD?

Under Financial Inclusion Plan, banks have been asked cards come with EMV chip,What is the full form of EMV?

Which of the following is correctly abbreviated?1. MODEM: Modulator demodulator2. MP: Member of Parliament3. MPEG : Member Picture Experts Group4. MRCP : Member of the Royal College of Physicians

Which of the followings is not correct?

What is R in FERA?

R stands for _______ in CDR.

FATF stands for:

The abbreviation IRDA stands for

I.L.O stands fro:

Expand the term IPCC -

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